Help save a life and make a new friend!

How About Fostering?

  • Have you been thinking about adding another pet but just aren’t sure if you’re ready?
  • Is a life-long commitment just not possible for you right now?
  • Do you want to get involved with pet rescue but don’t know where to start?
  • Fostering a pet by opening your home and heart to a cat or dog in need is a great experience. By giving this animal a temporary home, you are helping to save his or her life! Foster care consists of providing a safe, loving, temporary home for a dog or cat until a permanent adoptive home can be found. We do our best to screen for health and temperament before allowing a pet to enter our program and we will work with you to find a good match. We can rescue more pets with foster homes! Also it’s a wonderful place for the pet to stay being they will be in a family environment Family pets = very adoptable! Fostering can be hard work, but it’s also extremely gratifying and what a difference you will make in their lives! It definitely can help you focus on what’s really important in life. This pet will provides you with love, joy, and the satisfaction of having saved a life.
  • Which Pets Need Foster?

    A dog or cat that has been in the shelter for a long time and needs a “break”.
    For whatever reason, some pets are overlooked by potential homes and the longer they sit in a cage, the more likely they are to become bored, depressed, lose weight, etc. We like to get these pets out to foster homes to help them as well as to gain more information about their personality. This is also a great opportunity to get a head start on basic training (for dogs) and socialization. You may be asked to bring the pet to an adoption event or to meet a prospective adopter with someone from Tuff Tails. Arrangements can usually be made that fit your schedule of course.

    A pup, kitten or litter of pups or kittens, which are too young or just would do better in a home.
    These little ones usually require a little extra work since the puppies may not be housebroken. The kittens are full of energy so may have a higher activity level than an older cat.

    A dog or cat that is sick or injured or on the “Euth List” at the City Shelter.
    These pets will need treatment if they are ill or bed rest/limited activity if they are injured. Whether sick or injured, there is generally a set time period where the pet goes into foster care until they are cleared medically by our vet. Then they are placed up for adoption. We have found that these pets heal much faster if placed in a home environment. Pets on the city shelter euthanasia list is slated to be put down usually the following morning. As horrific as this is, it’s reality. By fostering one of those pets, plain and simple, you are saving a life while we work on finding their forever home!

    Here is how our foster program works:

    • Our Foster Application is filled out by you for our approval. Upon approval, a home visit will be done by us for safety purposes. Once approved you will sign our Foster Agreement and receive a copy for your records.
    • We provide all foster homes with any necessary medicine and instructions. We will also provide special food if required. If no special food is required and you can afford to do so, it would help immensely if you would provide it.
    • We recommend crate training as well as using positive reinforcement training methods for dogs – if you do not have a crate, we will provide one.
    • All pets that are in foster care remain the property of the rescue until adopted. The animal will be fully vaccinated* (*for small pups and kittens, the vaccinations will depend on their age).

    Foster home responsibilities:
    First and foremost, provide a temporary, safe home for the pet. Please be patient J Understand that all our pets are rescues and they could have been thru some sad or abusive situations and need guidance. There will be a period of adjustment – especially in the beginning.

    It can be stressful for both you and the pet to be in a new situation. Cats will need time to explore their environment and feel safe and comfortable in their new surroundings. A dog will need a safe place (possibly a crate especially if you are not at home) and plenty of exercise and leadership.

    It would be wonderful if you are prepared to foster the pet until he or she is adopted. Please note if you are interested in adopting the pet (and we love that!), you will be given first consideration before any other applicants. The amount of time needed for foster varies of course, but could be as little as a week or it could take months. We will be with you every step of the way of course!!

    If you are working full time, the pet must be secured in your home – most likely crated for a dog or maybe a separate room with a closed door for a cat – at least in the beginning. We are available any time for questions or concerns and need to be notified immediately if you are having any issues or if the pet becomes ill. You may be required to bring the pet to our vet with an appointment made by us. Remember we are in this together.

    Please treat the pet as a family member and we welcome any recommendations for permanent homes. Tuff Tails is 100% responsible for approving the permanent home and the info for the people must be provided to us to process and finalize.

    If this sounds like a program that you would be interested in, please complete a Foster Application located on our website If you would like to submit the app in person, please email for instructions. Thank you so much for caring and we look forward to working with you!!!


    Download our Foster Application