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Donations keep us going – without them we would not be able to save them. Tuff Tails is made up of strictly volunteers – our mission is the animals plain and simple. The goal is to save them and find them their forever homes. But first they may need medical care, nutritious food, items to make them comfortable while they are waiting such as a warm coat, a cozy bed or a toy to make them happy 🙂 100% of your tax deductible one time or recurring donation will go directly to the animals. We do not have a shelter and rely on foster homes so there is no overhead and no salaries. We all work for the love of the furries and make sure they get what they need to grow old and prosper. We may be small, but we work hard with the passion of an army to save them. We could never do it without the kindness of people like you, and for that we are eternally grateful for your help.

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